Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TPICO) is the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Iran, which has been operating since 1992 and is the largest Iranian exporter of pharmaceutical products. Companies in TPICO are working with an innovative approach and using the latest global knowledge and technology therewith valuable human resource to provide high quality and affordable medications for people. TPICO's mission is "Optimal management of the investment portfolio in pharmaceutical industry with the aim of creating value for shareholders and providing high quality and affordable medications for society/ patients." TPICO's vision is to be "The top pharmaceutical holding in the country's capital market in terms of managing the Return of Assets". In addition to fulfilling its social responsibilities, TPICO is committed to protect the assets of millions of Social Security Insured people who are the real owners of these companies.

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development

    Research and Development units of TPICO companies are among the most active units in the development of raw materials and new pharmaceutical finished products in the country. While developing new products required by the country's pharmaceutical market, they are also responsible for optimizing production process in the companies.

  • Production of Pharmaceutical Raw Material (APIs)

    With the backbone of its most valuable capital, i.e. experienced human resources, TPICO companies are producing a great share of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIs) needed in Pharma Industry in Iran and exports some products overseas as well.

  • Production of the final product

    TPICO has 9 factories producing human pharmaceutical products with more than 800 products in different therapeutic categories. Some of these products are produced exclusively in our manufacturing plants for domestic market.

  • Country distribution

    TPICO Holding, with 3 human pharmaceutical distribution companies and one dedicated veterinary medicines distribution company holds nearly 40% of market share in Iran and is the principal pharmaceutical distributor in the country.

  • Commerce and services

    As a TPICO owned company, Owzan is among the most reputable trading companies in medical device market in Iran. Owzan Co. is a very successful company to supply the needs of medical centers and hospitals in the country enjoying partnership with many reputable companies around the world. Further to medical devices, Owzan company also imports some essential medicines and raw materials needed by pharma industry.

Manager's Message

Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TPCO) is the largest pharmaceutical holding in the country and a supplier of a large amount of pharmaceutical and medical needs of Iran. This large holding, which was established in 1382 by carrying out a series of fundamental changes, from the strong and rooted body of Darupakhsh as the only specialized pharmaceutical holding of the Social Security Investment Company (Shasta), over the years, gradually managed to reach its desired position in Iranian pharmaceutical industry to achieve. I am very pleased that today TPCO is recognized as a profitable, transparent and agile group. A group that, with its main capital, which is young, elite and efficient human resources, tries to provide the pharmaceutical needs of the society with higher quality, in a shorter time and at a more suitable price to the dear people of Iran. In this great way, we will always be committed to achieve sustainable satisfaction of stakeholders including employees, shareholders, patients and the whole society. We have a firm hope that with the will, effort and solidarity of about ten thousand personnel of the big TPCO family, we can provide the basis for further growth of production, export development and excellence of this complex. I thank the Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to serve in this holy group whose ultimate goal is to reduce the pain of the suffering and to have a healthier, more dynamic and efficient society, and I wish all Iranians a better and more proud tomorrow.
Dr.Mansour Nekoei Nia