A First Time Tender for the Group Pooled Purchasing in TPICO

A First Time Tender for the Group Pooled Purchasing in TPICO

Group Purchasing, as a centralized or pooled purchasing arrangement for the procurement of in common raw material goods used in TPICO companies, is a strategic tool to optimize and harmonize cost of purchased material.

Due to the complexities in aggregation of required information, as well as the difficulties of an all-encompassing tender, this method has not been much considered by the pharmaceutical holdings in Iran so far. This time, however, with the backbone of months of planned work and data gathering to bring all the required information into integration, the first major strategic group pooled purchasing took place at TPICO holding.

In this regard, after careful research by TPICO Holding and its subsidiaries, selected number of materials of strategic importance were determined and tendered by Owzan Trading Company (affiliated with TPICO).

This mechanism could help involved companies obtain overall lower prices by allowing suppliers to manufacture on a larger scale, which usually means lower costs, and by giving participating companies greater bargaining power. As per WHO guidelines, successfully implemented pooled mechanisms can help companies access a sustainable supply of quality material, achieve greater demand predictability, reduce transaction costs, and (sometimes) reduce the total price paid for material.

Given the substantial benefits to companies, due to the significant price reduction, which is the result of large-scale purchases from suppliers of these materials, TPICO assumes that with this mechanism, while increasing the quality of purchases, will eventually provide more affordable products in 2020 which will be directly beneficial for patient and society who are the main shareholders of TPICO.