Pars medicine and the export of medicine to Iraq

According to the media reports of TPICO, a delegation composed of representatives of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and the company of KM, visited the Pars-Dara Company's production lines quantitatively and qualitatively, and confirmed the quality, Exports of pharmaceutical products to Pars Dar Company.


Pharmaceutical records and documentation provided by Pars DARA for export of the product to Iraq were previously examined and approved by the company of KM. Therefore, the authorities of this company, with the knowledge of the authorities of the Ministry of Health, issued a five-year license to Pars Pharmaceuticals Company. So the drug is being exported to Iraq with official permissions.


  It is worth noting that this license is being given to Pars Dar Company for the first time by the Iraqi Chemist, and this has been achieved after half a century for the company