Tpico - CinnaGen: an important MOM

Tpico - CinnaGen: an important MOM

April 21, 2020: Dr. Pouya Farhat, CEO of Tpico, and Dr. Haleh Hamedifar, CEO of CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group, on behalf of their corporations, signed a five-year strategic memorandum which is very valuable for the pharmaceutical industry in Iran.

The signed memorandum -which is the first between the two major pharmaceutical companies in the country- includes cooperation in the mutual production projects, utilizing both parties' capacity for the contract manufacturing and transfer of technical knowledge between them.

Tpico and CinnaGen also agreed on sharing of their engineering equipment and services, the distribution of products throughout the country, and cooperating in research and development.

Purchasing raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, and exchange programs (in the best interests of both parties) are other clauses of the said memorandum.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second major step by Tpico to be in partnership with other reputable pharmaceutical companies in past two years.