Unveiling 30 New Pharmaceutical Products

Unveiling 30 New Pharmaceutical Products

April 10, 2020, on the occasion of World Health Day, the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare visited a knowledge-based and the greatest pharmaceutical company of Iran, in addition to a video conference with three other TPICO companies to unveil new pharmaceutical products developed by TPICO companies over 2019.

Dr. Shariatmadari's visit was started by Tofiqh Darou Engineering and Research Company. He was informed about the day-to-day efforts of this group of experts and scientists, wishing success to all them.

After visiting Tofiqh Darou, which is adjacent to Darupakhsh factories, the Minister immediately visited Darupakhsh Factories Company to witness the production process of pharmaceuticals and disinfectant lines which are specifically over active due to outbreak of COVID19.


Unveiling 30 new TPICO products developed in 2019

After two visits, the first was accompanied by Dr. Mohammad Amin Rezvanfar, CEO of Tofiqh Darou, and the second by Dr. Vahid Mahallati, CEO of Daroupakhsh Factories, the Minister attended the conference hall of Daroupakhsh Factories where 3 events took place:

1- Unveiling of 30 new pharmaceutical products of Tamin Pharmaceutical Group companies, which were produced for the first time in Iran.

The Minister praised the efforts of Dr. Mohammad Rezvanifar, CEO of the Social Security Investment Company (SSIC) and Dr. Pouya Farhat, CEO of TPICO, who helped the national production growth and created a scientific leap by cultivating merit and giving an opportunity to the elite youth.

With the local manufacturing of these products, the pharmaceutical sector of SSIC (TPICO) has saved nearly $50 million for the country.

 2. Introduction of 105 new products of TPICO.

Dr. Pouya Farhat, CEO of TPICO, presented a comprehensive report on the product portfolio of the subsidiaries, process from research and development, preparation of raw materials, scheduling for the final product launch and entering the market.

3- Video conferencing with 3 other TPICO companies in Boroujerd, Isfahan and Tabriz

In these video conferences, Shariatmadari talked to the CEOs of Chlor Pars (Abolfazl Babapour in Tabriz), Isfahan Branch of Daroupakhsh Distribution (Dr. Mohammadreeza Moradi in Isfahan), and Exir Pharmaceutical company (Mohsen Kordi in Boroujerd) who presented their activities and plan through manufacturing and distributing medicines and disinfectants during the outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran.


In the end, Dr. Farhat, while appreciating the presence and attention of the Minister of Cooperatives and his expulsion, said: "We hold ourselves accountable for the concerns of the society and despite understanding the current special situation and value the efforts of our colleagues, activities in TPICO are accomplished with the utmost sincerity."

Ultimately, The Minister of Cooperatives, expressed gratitude and satisfaction with the impressive efforts in TPICO.