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    Attached to the Hamshahri newspaper while conducting a conversation with Dr. Mehran Brahimi, the director of Pars Dar Company, has published a story about its history and values.



TPICO is the largest pharmaceutical company in the country that has been active in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical supply chain since 2003 and is the largest exporter of pharmaceutical products in the world.

The drug companies of this complex aim to create a new space, promote the position of the industry and related industries in the country and seek to change and develop the supply chain of medicine. 



The largest exporter of pharmaceutical products in the country


More than 10,000 active human resources in 32 drug-related companies


Export of raw materials and final products to over 50 countries 


Production of more than 60 percent of the country's pharmaceutical raw materials


Distributing more than 30% of the products and products of the Iranian Drug Industry


Production of more than 30% of finished products and pharmaceutical products of the country

  • Research and Development


    R & D units The pharmaceutical companies provide the most active units in the development of new raw materials and products, whose mission is to improve current processes.  Production  

  • Raw material production:

    TPICO is the largest active pharmaceutical raw materials production complex with the management and ownership of 11 national and transnational companies, with its most valuable capital, highly educated, expert, efficient and experienced human resources with the goal of helping the country's self-sufficiency, strengthening the foundations The pharmaceutical raw materials industry and the promotion of public health and public health. Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers in TPICO are accountable to customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders through the use of scientific, advanced and advanced technology, and the fulfillment of organizational excellence criteria, while building competitive advantage against the community. They are committed to producing and delivering products with a desirable global quality, while respecting the rights of customers, citizens and the environment..

  • The production of the final product

    Companies active in the production of the final product:

    A) Human Products: The company has 11 manufacturable pharmaceutical products with more than 655 items of pharmaceutical products in 32 areas, of which 27% are exclusive and their market share is 35% based on the country's pharmaceutical statistics..

    B) Livestock products: The company has 4 animal production companies in antibiotic, anti-parasite, hormones, anesthetics, anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs, indigestion drugs, growth stimulants, disinfectants, detergents , Vitamins, mineral elements, electrolytes, nutritional inputs and other drugs that according to the statistics of the Veterinary Organization account for 15% of the market share of the country..

  • Country distribution

    Distributing medicine:

    TPICO, with the management and ownership of four human and animal medicine distribution companies, with a market share of about 40%, is considered to be the largest drug distribution company in the country, which covers all pharmacies throughout the country, meeting the standard quality requirements of the GDP. has it.
    All orders for drugs from the country's pharmacies are received electronically and by PDAs and distributed as soon as possible to various pharmacies from various regional depots.
    All warehouses of this company are in line with the highest standards of the quality system and are regularly under the internal and external audit of the GSP Quality Management System..

  • Commerce and services

    Companies active in the organization and services:

    The two companies are active in TPICO subsidiaries in the commercial sector.  These companies have been able to take effective steps in importing medicines made, raw materials and knowledge transfer of pharmaceutical products, and with the presence of representative from American and European companies and the establishment of appropriate commercial relations and the trust of foreign parties. To help eliminate drug and drug deficiencies in patients.